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  • We value our role as a trusted commercial finance broker and real estate advisor. Our dedicated team can help you effectively manage the entire process of either acquiring or refinancing an asset or portfolio of assets.
  • Our firm strives to build deep rooted long lasting relationships with our clients, by providing value added services that help our clients grow and manage their real estate portfolio. By leveraging our established network in the industry, we are able to provide clients with unparalleled access to deals & investments opportunities on an ongoing basis.
  • Our team provides due diligence advisory based on years of experience and the latest market data and trends. Additionally, our clients enjoy access to preferential pricing and rapid service with a network of seasoned professionals, key components in the due diligence process.
  • Our clients enjoy in depth financial consulting during file preparation for lenders and in house mortgage underwriting for CMHC insurance.
  • We offer discrete and private information collection and management for syndicates, with the utmost sensitivity to the privacy and confidentiality of each individual member of a syndicate. Our dedicated team provides long term support and relationship management with the lender on behalf of clients.


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CANADA HOUSING TRUST (CMB)Bond Rates (As of 23/06/2022)ProductRate 5 - Year (15/09/2027) 3.56% 5 - Year (15/12/2027) 3.59% 10 - Year (15/09/2032) 3.82%
GOVERNMENT OF CANADA (GOC) Benchmark Bond Rates (As of 23/06/2022)Product Rate 5 - Year 3.19% 10 - Year 3.31% 15 - Year 3.41%
CANADIAN PRIME LENDING RATEAverage Bank Lending Rate (As of 23/06/2022)ProductRateJune 20223.70%