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We offer sound professional advice with a personal touch. Our dedicated team can help you effectively manage the entire process of either acquiring or refinancing an asset or portfolio of assets. Our experience and expertise span both a wide variety of asset types and financial products. We strongly believe that our clients’ decision making should always be based on thorough analysis and the latest market data and trends.

We balance information driven analysis and decision making with creative out the box thinking, in order to maximize opportunities and value for our clients.

Our firm has a proven track record of delivering results that either meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

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CANADA HOUSING TRUST (CMB)Bond Rates (As of 07/07/2023)ProductRate 5 - Year (15/09/2028) 4.24% 5 - Year (15/12/2028) 4.27% 10 - Year (15/06/2033) 4.01%
GOVERNMENT OF CANADA (GOC) Benchmark Bond Rates (As of 07/07/2023)Product Rate 5 - Year 3.96% 10 - Year 3.53% 15 - Year 3.51%
CANADIAN PRIME LENDING RATEAverage Bank Lending Rate (As of 07/07/2023)ProductRateJuly 20236.95%